3 Characteristics of Realistic Sex Doll

Human sexuality is a part of our daily lives which has been diversified by introduction of different sex techniques. These techniques vary from pornographic films, sex games, and sex toys among others. Initially, the most commonly known toys were the dildo used by ladies for sexual penetration and satisfaction.


However, with time, the sex doll also known as love doll or the blow-up doll has gained popularity and mostly used by men for sexual satisfaction. Apart from sex, the doll is also bought for other purposes such as;

  • · Companionship.
  • · Models for photography and cloth lines.
  • · Art pieces.

The following are three characteristics of a realistic sex doll;

  • · Size shape and physical appearance of a sex partner.

A sex doll appearance resembles that of a woman. This includes facial features, vagina, anus, mouth, breasts, hips, a sexy behind and some have a beautiful face with make-up applied on it. Its entire body is a masterpiece of a smoking hot such that a look at its seductive look will make you feel wanted. The sexy body is an instant turn on that is always ready to service all your sexual needs.

· Comprises of vibrating, removable and interchangeable parts

Real sex by humans consists of movements that increase the sensations. Vibrating parts of a sex doll would only make the experience the best and an out of this world feeling. The parts are also interchangeable to fulfill varying desires of different looks of the doll’s goodies. Hygiene is also of prime importance hence the parts are removable to make it easy to wash and clean after every sexual encounter and keeping it ready for the next time you might need it.

· Fulfills fantasies

A realistic sex doll will help the user fulfill fantasies such as sex fetishes not supported by partners, new positions that a partner wouldn’t be too flexible to manage and also a good companion for single persons. A sex doll can also be fully customized to a look and features that you’ve always desired having some good time with but seem to be inaccessible.

These are some of the few characteristics that have made the sex doll widely accepted by different users whom have highly rated the toy.

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