Custom Help

Step 1: Choose the heigh of your Realistic Sex Doll.
Every model of heads can be matched with different body: Heads are Interchangeable between 135cm-165cm dolls and 100cm-125cm.

Step 2: Choose the wig color of Realistic Sex Doll.
The choice of wig color is an important step for making your custom Realistic Sex Doll. Five different wigs are proposed to give a unique personality to your love doll.


Special wigs for 65-85cm dolls

wig for mini doll

Step 3: Choose the the eyes color of your Realistic Sex Doll
Three colors are available: Blue, Green and Brown for a look more realistic.


Step 4: Choose the cup of your Realistic Sex Doll.
Five choice for you: A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, E cup

Step 5: Choose skin color of your Realistic Sex Doll.
The skin of our TPE love dolls is both soft, supple and ultra-realistic. And because all tastes are in nature, you can enjoy 4 types of skin for realistic TPE doll : white, pink, red, yellow.


Step 6: Choose the vagina of your Realistic Sex Doll.


Step 7: Choose the pubes of your Realistic Sex Doll.
We offer 5 types of pubes to satisfy all kinds of requires, which will take you an ultra experience of love:


Step 8: Body Temperature and Sound feature only can be customized for 148cm and 158cm dolls and need to add $400 each feature.

Step 9: Standing feature can be added with $80 in addition.