Realistic Sex Doll – 135cm Annabelle

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Doll Includes: Wig, and Random Outfit

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Ever considered what it take after to have a three or a couple however too much uncomfortable, making it difficult to truly approach or search for some individual that you and your accomplice will be OK with? Check over realistic sex doll. Realistic sex doll have changed after some time with the first being scratched out of ivory – the maker of whom regarded his craftsmanship so much he supported her, gave her, set out her, and unmistakably put her to the use of what was to wind up known as a “sex doll”. After some time, sex dolls have created and changed both with the way they are without further ado made, and what they resemble, yet also the way society are all the all the more enduring of them.

Realistic sex doll adds enormous enthusiasm to your sexual concurrence, whether you used just them, or with another person or people, however best of all that they can be used to fulfill each and every sexual need, needs, and dreams. For a considerably more delicate experience, why not stun your accessory with a secured and new outlet to un-limit your most significant dreams and imagine… be inventive… incorporate hot underpants, dildos, and even vibrators to redesign your experience and guarantee you a night you won’t have to end…

Material: Silicone
Height: 135cm
Weight: 26kg
Bust: 76cm
Waistline: 56cm
Hip: 77cm
Hand and a long:62cm
Thigh length: 80cm
arm length:36cm
vagina depth:17cm
anus depth:16cm
Foot length:19.5cm




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