Realistic Sex Doll – 145cm Fumi

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Doll Includes: Wig, and Random Outfit

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The realistic sex doll-the top end of the quality restricting is delivered utilizing silicone and is significantly more life-like. They are made with a skin-like material, to make the experience altogether more person. These dolls can be shown on honest to goodness men and women with a few despite being handmade or made to look like well known individuals. They have certifiable hair and a versatile skeletal structure making it easy to finish numerous differing sexual positions, both for acts and appear.

Both the center and higher top expense went dolls end up being more particular and hence you won’t discover them in like way more ethical route shops. Right when purchasing these realistic sex dolls you ought to ensure the quality. Use a trusted online sex shop that furthermore offers other sexual things, for instance, condoms to help with the realistic sex doll or your own particular sexual conjunction.


Skin material : Silicone/TPE in-built skeleton
Inside : TPE with metal skeleton
Weight : 28kg
Height : 158cm
Hole : Vagina and anus sex ,oral sex
Shoulder:39cm,Arm length:66cm,Feet length:21.5cm,Leg length:94cm
Vagina depth:18cm,Anal depth:17cm,Oral depth:13cm(giving or taking)


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